Research and Marketing Background

Over 25 Years of Research Experience


Experience in all types of market research.

Specialty in market research to scientists


38 years of experience on analytical instrument industry

Strong Marketing and Strategy Background


Background in Product Marketing, Product Management, Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Marketing

Types of Research

Voice of the Customer (VOC)


Understanding your customer is the driving factor in corporate success.

Keep a pulse on customer – are your customer’s needs changing?

Drive innovation – what does our customer think about your ideas?

Focus on the customer perception –How effective are your new key company initiatives.

Voice of the Employee (VOE)


Your employees are the driving force of your success – what are they thinking?

Keep a pulse on employee – what is changing in your organization?

Engage Employees – Make them an important part of the process enhancing your culture and retian top talent.

Measure on-boarding success – are you empowering  your new employees with tools for success?

Voice of the Field Operation (VOF)


Your employees are key investments and represent you company to your customers.

Gaining an independent view of what your field sales, service and support organizations are thinking.

Are your strategies and messaging resonating with your frontline employees? 

Win/Loss Research & Analysis


Research to understand why you are losing to your competition.

Further analysis of your data with your win/loss data. 

Customer Experience- (UX/CX)


Understand the key customer touchpoints – drive key metrics and measurements

Understand key support drivers – why are your customers choosing you?

Transnational and Relational Net Promoter Scores

Competitive Intelligence


Understand where the competition is going.

Understand what customers think of your competitors.

What are your strategic options?